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Franchise opportunity

Join our team

Oddments is a full-time Christian Theatre Company based in Yeovil which uses drama to convey the Christian message through quality theatre.

An amazing opportunity

Join our team for up to ten months. We offer limited places to individuals who have a living Christian faith to join our team. You will have amazing opportunities to perform in churches, prisons, schools and festivals around the UK (but primarily in southern England.) We run various productions which are performed both locally and nationally as part of mini tours.
Oddments is a small and friendly theatre charity and you will be working alongside our full time cast as we use theatre/performing arts to communicate God's love. There may also be the opportunity for someone to specialize in theatre administration rather than performance.

All round experience

As well as acting in our main show and our schools/family productions, every member of the team is also involved behind-the-scenes with the day to day running of the company; helping with things like building props, organising events and general admin. This will give you valuable experience and insight into how a theatre company operates.

What we are looking for

People who love God and have a passion to use their performing arts giftings for God. Places are offered to people mature enough to work in a professional environment, with the ability to communicate well and the character to dig deep at busy times. You do not have to be the best actor in the world, because we believe great team players make great productions. Obviously, if you had loads of stage experience you are more likely to be given leading roles. With our help and your initiative, we will help develop leadership skills. We emphasize that good character and stable temperament is equally as important as acting skills. The most successful oddments teams have been full of people who are willing to be team players. You will also be helping with all aspects of the back office and creative process.

Oddments Theatre Performance
Oddments Theatre Company, The Gateway, Addlewell Lane, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1QN

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