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We believe quality of life is fundamental to the wellbeing of the team. There is a variety of options for accommodation. You are free to arrange your accommodation if you wish, alternatively accommodation may be available with a host family. We can also accommodate 3-4 team members in the team house.

The house has four bedrooms; three individual rooms upstairs and one room downstairs, plus a small guest room. There is a bathroom on the top floor, and shower and toilet facilities on the ground floor. There is a large lounge to relax in with a wood burner and a DVD player. The house currently has wireless internet, though this is the responsibility of the team; therefore you will need to discuss with your team the options for setting it up again.


The team currently each pay a small monthly fee for this. If oddments have too many requests for the team house we will usually assign rooms on a first come first served basis.




Accommodation Options

  • Accommodation with a host family may be available. Costs vary ranging from £50 - £200 per month, (3 months payable in advance)
  • Accommodation in the Team house costs £205 per month (a 3 month deposit is payable in advance)
  • You are free to arrange your own accommodation if you wish

UK citizens may apply for housing benefit to support accommodation costs.





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