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Franchise opportunity

2nd Year

We offer people who have caught the vision of Oddments, shown consistent temperament and demonstrated good all round ability the opportunity to extend their time with the group. People staying for a second year will not have to pay any fees and be given an allowance towards living expenses, food and accommodation. Second year volunteers continue to learn at a high level how a theatre company runs and will have more opportunity to take responsibility for specific areas within Oddments.



Prop building

Employment opportunities

Depending upon the condition of the finances of Oddments, there is the possibility that the very best people who have served on the internship programme may be offered an employment contract, either part-time or full-time. Where possible, and if the opportunity arises, we will always try to promote people within the company, as this rewards those who have given their time free of charge in previous years and have already contributed to the organisation. This year we hope to employ one more person full-time.



The Team

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