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Past teams ratings

With the following rating we want to give you an insight into how our different teams felt whilst working for and with Oddments.

Every team leaves its own impression and legacy behind, on which the following team will be built on. Oddments is constantly developing through the year teams, so this rating serves as a reflection on how we can improve Oddments as a company. At the same time Oddments is trying to help the members of the year teams and offers several opportunities to evolve and grow throughout the year. This also helps to discover where Oddments should go with their team and is meant to improve their personal relationships with each other, our work and with God.


We have tried our best to give you the average feedback - In some ways the feedback reflects people's personalities. Some people see the bottle full and everything in a positive light while others see bottle half empty. As an organisation it's frustrating at times when (as an example) three people give ‘Outside training’ a mark of 9 and one person gives it a mark of 3 so the average is: 7.5




What did you think of the work?


How well did you get on with the following?

Quality of life


Rate your key relationships


Spiritual input


How important / well managed was the following?

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